lavender-oilFor anyone who’s suffered from fleas they know the torment they can cause. It’s embarrassing to have them and really disruptive to your daily life. Worst of all they spread like wildfire so you that can mean time off school or work.

To protect yourself and your family you’ll need to look out for the telltale symptoms. This includes extreme itching, red swollen lumps and then secondary infections later on around the body.

Fleas can come from a number of sources. Other people/ children can carry them, this is very common in schools with young children. The main source is from animals and pets. We all love to play with our dogs and cats but they can be carrying some nasty surprises.

Once fleas are on the body they feed on the blood by biting into the skin. Your body releases histamine to combat this, resulting in red itchy lumps.

The best protection from fleas is to protect your pets with specialized products to remove fleas.

Essential Oil Treatment

There are number of treatments available from the vet to protect your pets from fleas. These vary all the way from special shampoos/soaps to more drastic medication which needs to be applied with gloves.

While these have proven results they often need prescriptions or can be expensive. They often contain some chemicals which can cause some unpleasant side effects. That’s why more people have begun using essential oils.

Essential oils are natural remedies for all kinds of issues. They are readily available and normally affordable, giving some people impressive results. They’re been shown to be effective at helping those with fatigue and are now being used to treat people who are being plagued with fleas.

There are now several essential oils and blends available to help with fleas. You can get these in stores and online through major retailers like amazon.

Key Ingredients

There are a number of specialized essential oils and blends available on the market so it’s important to know what to look out for. We’ve identified what we think the most important ingredients are to lookout for.

Lavender Oil
The most popular essential oil, with an instantly recognizable scent, lavender oil is used for purifying and cleaning. A popular ingredient in essential oils to treat fleas because it helps remove dirt in your pets fur which attracts them in the first place, replacing it with a clean scent. Lavender helps relieve irritated skin and heal any existing flea bites, while repelling any further infestation.

Lemongrass contains citral and geraniol. These are known to repel certain insects and keep fleas away. The natural scent also acts as a repellent helping stop fleas and keep them off your pets.

Citronella has been used as an insect repellent for years in certain parts of the world, keeping away dangerous breeds of mosquito. It acts as a natural repellent for fleas helping keep your pets and family clean.

Each of these ingredients is effective at helping protect your pets from fleas. For more information on the best essential oils go to

Choosing the right Essential Oil

Essential Oils are more popular than ever and are providing a natural solution for the problem of fleas. For a list of the best essential oils for fleas go to:

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