On October 21, 2004 our daughter, Victoria “Torie” Snelgrove, attended a Red Sox celebration in Boston and was tragically killed. In her memory we have established The Victoria Snelgrove Memorial Fund, a non-profit organization to carry forward her spirit and concern for others. It was Torie’s dream to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and she was on her way to accomplishing that goal at Emerson College when she died. Since establishing The Fund seven years ago we have worked hard to fulfill the mission set before us to keep Torie’s spirit alive.

Thoughts & Tributes

Thank you so very much for the beautiful playground you helped create at the Brookfield School in Brockton. I am a teacher there, and I cannot even explain to you how much joy it's brought our students this year!! It still feels new each and every day!! A fan favorite is the monkey bars and the horizontal slanted climbing bars. They hang like monkeys on a daily basis!! I've seen kids go from discouraged to proud on the monkey bars over the course of this year!! Thank you, thank you for the immense joy you've brought the kids at our school!! ;)

Lindsay Hight   - Lindsay Hight